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  • 7 Reasons Visitors Love Brochures
    16 Sep 2016

    Research confirms that visitors love brochures to guide them during their visits. Brochures are easy to pick up and carry and easy to read, at any time or anywhere. Here are seven reasons why visitors love brochures

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  • Tips on Brochure Design for Display Stands
    10 Sep 2016

    Brochures are proven to be the most powerful means of influencing visitors during their trip. They bring products and services to the attention of visitors in a way no other promotional medium can.

    However, some brochures are more effective than others, and the difference usually comes down to their design. Here are some tips from our members

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  • Why print is the most effective way to inform and influence visitors
    11 Aug 2016

    Printed brochures are a fantastic way to promote your business to visitors. They are there, influencing right at the point of decision – just when visitors are actively considering where to go, what to do, see and enjoy. Here are just some of the compelling reasons why brochures are so effective.

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  • Good photographs sell. Bad photographs unsell!
    13 Aug 2016

    It's a fact. Photographs play a crucial role in influencing visitors and helping them to make their choices of what to do, see and enjoy. Feedback from our members and research across various channels consistently highlights their importance.

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  • Reading from Paper or Reading from Screens. What do Consumers Prefer?
    13 Sep 2016

    A new survey into the preferences of consumers for printed versus digital communications has been published by Two Sides, the global organization created to promote the responsible production, use, and sustainability of print and paper. The survey, which was commissioned by Two Sides and undertaken by international research company Toluna, sought the opinions and preferences of UK and U.S. consumers on a number of issues relating to the change from paper-based to digital media. You can read the findings here.

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  • 'Paper is Green' and one of the few truly sustainable products
    12 Sep 2016

    Paper is made from a natural resource that is renewable, recyclable and compostable. These features, combined with the paper industry’s advocacy of responsible forestry practices, use of renewable, carbon-neutral biofuels and advances in efficient papermaking technology, make paper a product with inherent and unique sustainable features.

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