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The International Association of Professional Brochure Distributors (IAPBD) changes its Name to ‘Visitor International’.

The International Association of Professional Brochure Distributors (IAPBD), which was established in 1975, is a grouping of top level visitor brochure distributors in North America, Europe and in other parts of the world. Each of the members specialise in providing information to visitors on things to see, do and enjoy during their visit to the destinations the members service.

The Association has, after 40 years, changed its name to ‘Visname-change-478itor International – The International Association of Visitor Information Providers’. Its membership will continue to be comprised of companies that are providing information to visitors through brochure distribution, but the name change recognises that the Association’s members now provide ‘during-trip’ information in a broader range of ways.

While leaflets, brochures and maps are still, according to all research, the most effective means of influencing visitors during their visits, the Association’s members now typically offer a wider range of  information products and services including brochure distribution, maps, magazines, mini-cards, smartphone and tablet apps, posters, desktop and mobile websites, digital displays, kiosks, design services and more. This diversity was one of the principal reasons the Association changed its name.

Visitor International - The International Association of Visitor Information Providers will continue to highlight, through evidence-based research and experience, the importance of providing quality information to visitors during their visits, to help guide them to great experiences, so they enjoy their visits to the fullest.

The goal of the Association is to highlight the importance of providing quality visitor information to visitors and to foster the delivery of professional services to clients with Integrity, Quality, and Results.

The members of Visitor International share a common interest in the practices, procedures, opportunities and challenges unique to the 'visitor information' industry. They are guided by a common code of standards and ethics and work to:

  • Encourage visitors to do, see and enjoy more during their stay at their destination and nearby.

  • Drive business to great experiences (where to stay, attractions to visit, activities to enjoy, the best places to eat and shop, and the best transport to get them there).

  • Deliver hundreds of millions in revenue to client companies every year.

  • Encourage longer stays and repeat visits, by presenting visitors with more opportunities for enjoyment.

  • Help ensure that their services also reflect well on the channels they distribute their brochures and other information through e.g. lodgings, attractions, and access gateways.