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In Tourism, nothing happens until a sale is made. What stimulates a sale? It's information of course. It is highlighting to travelers, before and during their trip, where they can enjoy fantastic experiences. And this is where the members of 'Visitor International - The International Association of Visitor Information Providers' come in. Our members provide visitors with the information to guide them. In this section, we highlight the importance of travel and tourism and of providing the brochure information to guide visitors.
  • Hospitality Professionals say brochures are best for guiding visitors
    15 Aug 2016

    The Center for Marketing Technology at Bently University surveyed 1,560 hospitality professionals in the United States, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland and Greece. The survey shows they overwhelmingly favor the use of printed material as the best way to assist visitors during their stay when compared to any other method. 98% of hospitality staff value printed visitor information, and 94% provide their guests with brochures, leaflets, flyers and maps. Check out the details.

  • Travel & Tourism - how it impacts the global economy and how we help ensure you benefit
    04 Sep 2016

    The World Travel and Tourism Council produced an excellent graphic which highlights how 'Travel Pays' and shows how the money moves through the economy once a visitor travels and spends. It first benefits those businesses directly involved in tourism and travel and then percolates down to impact the wider economy. See where 'Visitor International' comes in.

  • Brochures and maps are the popular choice of guests and concierge staff
    03 Sep 2016

    Research shows that printed brochures and maps are almost equally the most popular choice with guests and concierge staff. It's not surprising. Maps are easy to use, share and trace a route (26%). Brochures of attractions and events are the slight favorite over maps (27%) and place-based guides are ranked third (22%). Brochures are frequently used among hotel guests - 40% always, 46% often and 13% occasionally.

  • What happens when your brochure is not on display - the sad story!
    15 Aug 2016

    All research confirms that brochures are the most effective way of reaching visitors during their stay. They are powerful influencers of behavior, helping visitors choose the things to do, see and enjoy that are nearby and at a time they are ready for action! However, have you ever thought about what happens when your brochure is NOT on display? It's a sad story, but one that's worth sharing with you.