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We hope you find our resources section helpful. It includes downloadable research reports, expert tips, and interesting information - all related to Visitor Information. We will continue to add to it, so please visit this section regularly.  
  • Tips on Designing a Brochure for a Display Rack
    11 Sep 2016

    Brochures are proven to be the most powerful means of influencing visitors during their trip. They bring products and services to the attention of visitors in a way no other promotional medium can. However, some brochures are more effective than others, and the difference usually comes down to their design. You can download some tips from our members.

    Download the 2-page PDF here
  • About Visitor International and who we are
    17 Sep 2016

    Visitor International is the International Association of Visitor Information Providers. Our member companies around the world specialize in providing client information to visitors during their stay in their destination, to guide them to wonderful experiences. Read more about us.

    Download the 2-page PDF here
  • New Research: Hospitality Professionals say brochures are best
    15 Aug 2016

    Bentley University, Center for Marketing Technology, created a survey in collaboration with Visitor International to understand the usage and effectiveness of hospitality visitor information. The new findings are based on data provided by 1,560 hospitality professionals at the check-in and concierge desks at hotels in the United States, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland and Greece.

    These are the professionals who have a great understanding of guest needs and the greatest potential to impact guest satisfaction levels. Read a summary of the Report.

    Download the 7-page PDF here
  • Why Brochures are so Effective in Guiding Visitors
    15 Aug 2016

    Printed brochures are a fantastic way to promote your business to visitors. They are loved by visitors and are also like your most effective salesperson. They are always there, influencing right at the point of decision – just when visitors are actively considering where to go, what to do, see and enjoy. Here is why they are so effective.

    Download the 2-page PDF here
  • Paper is Green and a truly sustainable product
    16 Sep 2016

    Print on paper is the original disruptive technology that brought knowledge to the masses. Today, print on paper is one of the largest industries in the world and is an effective and important communication tool you should never forget within your promotional strategies. It is also one of the world's truly renewable resources that can be planted, grown, harvested and replanted. Read the facts and the Green side of Visitor International.

    Download the 2-page PDF here